“My 6th trip to Ireland last year was my first with the Peg Dolan/Nolan Travel tour group. It was also my best trip due to the great craic, music and new friendships that evolved during and subsequent to the trip. I signed on for the 2014 trip expecting it to be filled with just as much craic and excitement as the 2013 trip. Imagine my surprise on meeting our driver and tour guide Dave Yeates. My already high expectations based on last year’s trip were well exceeded by his enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile (or stop) to meet all of our needs and requests. I would sign on for another Dave Yeates trip in a nonosecond!! Thanks again for making a great trip possible! Jeanne V.”

“Hi Mary – Thanks for your informative email. I wanted to let you know that I did indeed find the tour with Dave enjoyable and memorable. I particularly enjoyed Trad on the Prom, the scavenger hunt and the farm – especially those delicious scones! You and John did an outstanding job organizing the trip. Thanks again for your assistance when I was delayed and for connecting me with Dave and his colleague. I would have been literally lost otherwise. Jill N.

“Bill and I enjoyed our time in Ireland along with the many new friendships made. We so appreciated the smaller details provided by John, Dave and you which enriched our travel experience including the “Nips” along the way!! We hope to travel with you again soon. Barb H.”

Dear Mary and John, Just a note to thank you for such a marvelous time on your Ireland tour. Your home country is so beautiful. Your care for all of us was very special. Sincerely Jo W.

Dear John & Mary, Many, many thanks for organizing and conducting such a wonderful trip to Ireland. This was my first journey across the Atlantic and I cannot imagine any other tour being better. I was particularly impressed with the care you provided for all of us , and most especially appreciated the considerations you afforded me. There were so many interesting experiences and sights. Although I was aware of the potato famine, the visit to the Dunbrody Famine Ship really brought that period of time into clear focus as the trip to the Michael Collins center accentuated the strife to achieve independence. From sheep to castles, everything was interesting and delightful as was our exceptional driver/tour director. Dave provided so much fun and laughter!! Nancy M.

Mary and John, Thanks so much for making my “first trip” to Ireland a memorable one. I have so many memories I don’t know where to store them all! Nancy S.

“Having just returned from my second tour with John, Mary and Dave, I can only comment “When are we going again?”  Both trips were wonderful!!! (This from a person who always vowed never to take a tour.)  Through the years I have observed people on tours and they always seemed like marionettes, marching on and off the bus, into hotels, etc. never appearing to be having much fun,  Your tour is just the opposite – we laughed and had a great deal of fun every day, enjoyed our many detours, learned a lot of Irish history and met many wonderful Irish people.  Let me know when you have our next adventure planned.  Thanks very much for everything! Joan H.”

“What I liked about the tour were the detours, nice to have a mystery to start the day and end up with a nice experience. I enjoyed the history lessons as we went as it made what we were seeing more relevant.  I enjoyed the pub crawling led by people who knew where to go. Also, the recommendations for where to eat. I also enjoyed the Irish people, where ever we went we were greeted with smiles and a nice attitude.
The hotels were a nice experience (except for one, but they were trying).
The people traveling with us were nice to be with and the whole trip was very laid back and enjoyable. Thanks for a wonderful time. Joan K.”

“Tours Galore is the only tour company for me.  Everything is done with the guest in mind.  You are treated like “Kings and Queens”.  I have toured with Tours Galore twice now and my deposit is made for next year.  The only way to travel.  Marge C.”

“My first trip overseas and I felt safe and secure the entire trip.
Loved all the “off the beaten path detours” which made the tour very memorable.
Tours Galore definitely are the Irish Tour Specialists – there wasn’t a question Mary, John, or our tour guide Dave did not know the answer to.
I loved being on a tour where we were not spending  time in lines waiting…. The sites we saw were unique and felt very personalized. Mary S.”

“When traveling with Tours Galore, one can relax knowing every trip detail has been taken care of… We really appreciate the excellent communication prior to the trip, as well as John and Mary Nolan’s knowledge of their homeland and the joy of sharing it with us… We look forward to our next trip…. Clair and Pauline C.”

“I would say that the pace was good, the selection of sites varied and interesting, our fellow travelers very congenial, and the whole trip was a lot of fun.  We are very happy to have gone on the trip and look forward to the next . Doug L.”

“John and Mary, I had the best time of my life on this tour!  You guys really know how to give a person a wonderful time. Hope to do this again but only with you.   Thanks again.  Linda A.”

“Dear Mary & John, Thank you so much for a great tour.  I think you both are such special people.  You took care of us, held our hands, and answered all of our questions.  I am so glad that my sister found your little shop and that we were all able to go together on this trip.  I hope to travel with you again.  I love Ireland and her people.  This trip was so special to me. I wish you good health and happiness,  Again thanks, Judy V.”

“Thanks, Mary, for sending all the lovely photos. That was a trip that Pat and I will remember always. Our son and his wife want to go next time. You and John and Dave made each day memorable. We hated to leave Ireland. Marti.”

“Great trip! it was like being shown around by your Irish cousin! .Jean T.”

“I cannot express in words what a great time I had in Ireland with all of you.It was a trip of a lifetime for me and everyone made it even more that I could have imagined.Thanks to all   Linda T.”

“What an Outstanding Experience!! Please keep me on your mailing list for travel, pub events, etc. Thanks again for such a memorable trip.” Lear M.

“I want to thank you for your patience, concern, good nature and great humor!!! I have already told 2 friends abut the wonderful time we had and what a great tour you arranged. Thanks again. Fran H. “

“THANK YOU! For planning an absolutely awesome trip! It was a dream come true for me, and I will cherish all my memories. Marianne H.”

“Had a memorable and amazing trip! You did a great job!!  Mandi V.”

“Thank you Mary, you are the salt of the earth. Really appreciate all your hard work and patience. Cathy F.”

“What can I say?  We had the best time in Ireland!  Thank you so much for organizing such a fun and wonderful trip!  Carl and I enjoyed every minute of touring the Irish countryside, dancing the Irish jig, and yes — going to the great pubs (everyday)!  I am so glad that we got to know you!  Thanks for the memories!” Marisa & Carl A.

“Thanks a whole lot!  Actually the words don’t begin to express how much we enjoyed our trip.  How do you get 50 strangers to end a tour and feel as if you all planned it together from the beginning?  It was truly the trip of a lifetime for me!  Thank you so very much!!”  Gale B.

“Thank you so much for the treasured adventure that you created.  What a great time I was blessed to experience.  I have already shared this pilgrimage with a neighbor, she’s interested in Ireland”.  Judi N.