Pub Crawls & Detours

The charm and hospitality of the Irish, where do you find it?  In the PUB!  The pubs in Ireland are different than an American Bar.  The pubs are a gathering place for friends to meet and socialize.  They are a place for music, laughter and conversation.  So when you visit Ireland and you want to immerse yourself into their culture and meet the locals, you go to the pub.

Because we want you to experience it all, on our tours we always have pub-crawls for those interested.  Our driver/guide Dave Yeates, of Dave Yeates Ireland Tours, always has a plan to lead a pub-crawl after dinner.  It’s a chance to meet some of the locals and listen to some good traditional music.   The Irish love the Americans and love to chat with them.  They will ask you about America and if you know their relative who lives in Boston!!!  It’s also an opportunity for you to learn about life in their community.

All of the pubs in Ireland today are smoke free making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

On every tour we design we always leave room for a Detour!  What we mean by that is that we will take you off the beaten track to places no tour bus has ever gone before.  With Dave’s knowledge and planning he somehow finds places that are simply amazing.  On several occasions we have been overcome with emotion at the pure beauty that was before us.  On other occasions we have laughed until we’ve cried, and again on another were in ahh of whose pub we were at.  We never really know for sure what the day will bring and it’s what makes Tours Galore and Dave Yeates Ireland Tours a step above the rest.

We always include the major attractions of the country but also add things that other tours simply miss.