Customized Groups

Your ancestors came from Ireland!  You’re Irish and you embrace your Irish-ness!!!   Now if only you could visit the motherland.    You and family members and friends have always talked about going to Ireland and it’s definitely on your bucket list, but like all of us we just keep saying we’re going and it just doesn’t happen.  There is always something that gets in the way.  Then before you know it, some family members are no longer around or illness has struck and made it difficult to travel.  Our world is in turmoil and life changes in an instant.  We have made our bucket lists and are fulfilling our dreams; we hope that you will allow us to help you fulfill yours.

So gather those family members and close friends together and make that plan to visit Ireland.  Is someone celebrating a “special” birthday or anniversary?  How about a graduation present or family reunion?  It only takes 10 to make a group and with 20 there is plenty of incentive for a FREE trip.   We can cater to whatever your needs and budget are.4

Have you done that research to find out where your ancestors came from?  Are there still long lost relatives living in Ireland?  What a wonderful thing to find out where YOU came from and walk the hallowed ground or actually meet relatives.  We can help you with all of this.   What does it take?  It just takes a commitment of 10 people to say “we’re going” and we can put the trip of a lifetime together for you.  We will do all of the work for you from planning the itinerary, helping you to research family members, booking airfares, and providing you with absolutely the most professional driver/guide in Ireland.  You can see Ireland YOUR way, not by traveling on a tour out of a brochure.  We will design a tour specifically to your wishes at a price you can afford.

So don’t delay and get everyone together to start planning.  We are available to you 24/7 and no question is too big or small.