Why Tour?

Because driving a car can be a bit tricky and nerve-racking with Ireland’s narrow roads and stonewalls, in addition to driving on the opposite side, we strongly recommend a coach tour for your first visit. On a tour such as ours you can sit back and relax and enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned motor coach sitting high above the hedges for beautiful views of the countryside. You will hear about the history of each area you are passing while enjoying the sounds of lively or relaxing Irish music.

There is no smoking on the coach, however we do take our smoking friends into consideration and we will make several comfort stops throughout the day. Another reason for taking a tour is the fact that you can enjoy the social aspect of Ireland, which is its pubs(pubs in Ireland are also smoke-free). We normally stop in a town or village for lunch where you can enjoy “a pint of the blackstuff” or drink of your choice, and leave the driving to us. There is zero tolerance for drinking and driving in Ireland.