Why tour with US?

Our tours are great fun and very informal yet extremely professionally, personally and thoughtfully created.

The Tours Galore experience is more like traveling with a group of friends rather than being on a regular coach tour.

We explore Ireland’s most remote and beautiful places away from the tourist trail, while also visiting Ireland’s best and most worthwhile popular tourist attractions. Our range of tours combine imaginative mixtures of breathtaking scenery, historical sites, local culture, pub crawls, detours & laughs in addition to staying at 4-star centrally located hotels.

We also allow much more flexibility, so if there is something specific that people in the group want to see or do, then we will do our best to arrange it.

There is no feeling of being herded around the country, it is your tour and everyone gets to make decisions. Because of this no two Tours Galore trips will ever be the same

Free time on tour! In the true spirit of Ireland, we like to keep our tours as unhurried and relaxed as possible with flexibility and free time built into the itineraries. We never leave the hotel before 9:00 a.m. making the entire vacation more enjoyable. If you want to take a day off and do “your own thing”, not a problem. When we are in a town for more than one night you may choose to break away from the group. There is no better way to meet the Irish people and experience firsthand their famous hospitality, warmth and humor. “Our goal is that you will leave Ireland relaxed, knowledgeable and mesmerized by its beauty.”

Repeat Customers!!
We have been blessed with the support of great friends and new friends we have met through our shops, pub and tours.  Our biggest and best form of advertising has been word of mouth.  For the past several years we’ve had a minimum of 8 and as many as 15 repeats travelers for the next year.  Although Ireland is only so big we try to change our itineraries a wee bit on each tour, which include both the Republic and Northern Ireland.