Tour Design

How are Tours priced?

Our tours normally range from 10 – 13 nights. Since we are located in Florida our departure city is Orlando and that is where the tour is priced. You are welcome to join us from any part of the USA or anywhere in the world. You will have options to purchase the “land only” from us and book your own air, use frequent flyer miles, or we can help you with flights from other cities.

We include some dinners, but not all. We want to give you the opportunity to venture out on your own and experience the pubs or restaurants. Breakfast is included every day but lunches are at your own expense. We explain that if you fill up on a wonderful Irish breakfast you can get by with a delicious bowl of home made soup and slice of brown bread for lunch. Dinners include a starter, choice of main course, dessert and coffee or tea. Alcoholic beverages are NOT included.

What is the average age of our groups and how large is the group?

Our groups range from as young as 16 to as young as 85 and as few as 20 to a max. of 48 per coach. We have a mix of couples, singles, widows, widowers, families, and physically challenged (wheelchairs are permitted). All are welcome on our tours. We have found over the years that a spouse has died leaving the other with unfulfilled dreams of traveling to Ireland. We want to assure you that we welcome those individuals and that we are with the group from the beginning stages to our return. They will never be or feel alone and they will come back with many new friends